Decorative & Functional Aspects of Carpets in Home Decor

Home décor and interior designing is not a new idea. Since long people love to decorate their houses in attractive and amazing manner that not only attracts other but also prove to be a sense of happiness and comfort for the home maker. Home décor involves number of areas that need to be covered if you want to decorate your home properly. Here in this article, I will focus on the importance of carpets within a home décor.

Carpets are not only used for decorative purposes but they have great functional value as well especially in cold areas. Their significance in home décor cannot be underestimated at any cost. In cold areas carpets are specially preferred because of the comfort associated with them. This comfort is not possible to achieve with any other kind of flooring. Carpets are also famous in Middle Eastern Countries. Moreover, Iran has been famous for its unique carpet manufacture for centuries.

If we talk about home décor, we will see several carpet varieties are extensively used in homes. Woven carpets are one among them. These carpets are made with the help of different material by using different techniques. They may vary in their sizes and designs. You can adopt any item according to your preference as well as the requirement of the room. Moreover, wall to wall carpet is also a very popular choice in countries having cold climates. The reason behind is that it becomes difficult to walk on tiled floors because they are comparatively colder than a proper carpeted floor. However, maintenance of a carpet floor is something more difficult than a simple and polished tiled floor.

If you have wall to wall arrangements in your home or have some carpets, you should clean by vacuum cleaner on daily basis because carpets gather dust easily that may cause breathing problems afterward.