Conspiracy Theory of Electricity Fluctuation to Destroy Personal Computers in Homes

The other day, I was talking to a gentleman who has quite a bit of knowledge about electrical engineering. We got to talking about all the conspiracies theories around these SmartGrid electricity meters which have been installed on houses across America. Some are worried of the additional radio frequencies because of the way these things work, and believe they may cause exposure which will not be good for human health.

There are of course studies which refute any conspiracy theory, or any danger to the human biosystem, as well as studies which seem to speculate and dare to ask the question. Okay so, this is all interesting but I have another topic along a similar line I’d like to discuss. It seems it would be possible to hack into or hijack the smart meter control system on a given residence. Once in the culprits could play with the power settings and frequency modulation and thus, causing fluctuations in the frequency cycle, it might be possible to cause the early demise of personal electronic equipment and computers in the home.

Now then, why would anyone want to do this? Well, perhaps the individual was under surveillance for being an international terrorist in our country, or perhaps a lone wolf terrorist, and if their computer crashed they may not have all the information on the computer to carry out their dastardly deeds. That might be one use for it, or perhaps a justification for the Justice Department. Now then, back to the conspiracy theorists. Should they be worried about such ability of either the authorities, or a hacker doing this to their personal electronics or other electronics and home?

Consider if you will all the electrical appliances you have? Air-conditioning, refrigerator, small appliances, coffee makers, home computers, etc., the list goes on and on. Interestingly enough the computer virus worm called Stuxnet causes computer systems to cycle the power supply by turning it off and on in rapid succession. This will cause electrical failure, not to mention raise havoc with any software the system, not to mention potential fire.

Do conspiracy theorists have something here? Indeed, when I was talking to my acquaintance we came to the realization that the answer is; probably not. However, because it is possible to do such things, and because the technology exists, and as we know hackers have hacked into just about everything from smart phone payment systems to the computer systems of some of our top defense contractors. The challenge for hacker seems to be there.

Therefore it would be my guess that someone will try, and as hackers so often do, they will share their knowledge with everyone else, that’s how they do it in the hacker world. It hardly matters if the conspiracy theorists are right or wrong about certain corrupt individuals in power, because if the technology exists to do this, chances are some day down the road, someone will. Please think on this.